DIY Cute Panda Figurine

Published on 15 February 2021

Kids dreams can come true with this series of crafts in support of SickKids Foundation!

  • To create this cute little panda, you will need:
  • -1 empty bottle of Allen’s 1.89L bottle
  • -Black and white paint
  • -Your favorite paintbrushes
  • -Scissors (ask help to a parent or a tutor)
  • -Non-toxic liquid glue
  • -Felt and cardboard sheets
  • -Any other accessories your imagination is thinking of!
  • The steps:
  • 1. Start this project by painting the bottle. It will represent the fur of your panda. Use white paint for the core body and the head.
  • 2. Cut black felt and cardboard to create the body parts of the panda
  • 3. Draw smile and any personal traits you want to give to your panda to be unique. Assemble all the parts using the best of your imagination to create the most beautiful panda! Don’t hesitate to add accessories, color, or any details you want. Let your inner artist guide you!