DIY Rocket Craft

Published on 16 February 2021

Kids dreams can come true with this series of crafts in support of SickKids Foundation!

  • To realize this incredible rocket, you will need:
  • -1 empty Allen’s 1.89L bottle
  • -White paint or any other colors of your choice
  • -Your favorite paintbrushes
  • -Scissors (ask help to a parent or a tutor)
  • -Nontoxic liquid glue
  • -Felt and cardboard sheets
  • -Any other accessories your imagination is thinking of
  • The steps:
  • 1. Paint the bottle with the color you chose to create the rocket color! Don’t be shy to be creative and to design your personal other details.
  • 2. Cut felt and cardboard in different shapes to create the rocket windows, door, nose and tailplanes. For the nose, cut the felt in a Pac-Man shape first, and stick both sides together to form a cone. 
  • 3. Use your creativity and assemble all the parts in a way of creating the beautiful rocket you ever dream of! Don’t hesitate to add accessories, color, or any details you want. Let your imagination guides you!