A bag of apples created for you!

Published on 16 August 2021

Whether you wish to carry grocery, lunch or personal belongings, this fabric bag is a must. Customize it with the help of a simple apple and some fabric paint.

Sac Allen DIY

What you’ll need
One apple
Fabric paint (your choice of colour)
Plain cotton bag
Large flat cardboard plate
Paper sheet
One cardboard (ex.: side of cereal box)
Small paintbrush
Paper towels

1- Slice an apple in half and pat dry the flesh side using a paper towel.
2- Slide the cardboard inside the bag to prevent paint from seeping through the fabric.
3- Pour a small amount of paint in the plate and dip the fleshy side of apple to coat with paint. (Tip: Spread evenly using a small paintbrush if needed.)
4- Stamp the half-apple on a paper sheet to remove excess paint.
5- Pour a little more paint in the plate, dip in the apple once again and now stamp it on the bag, pressing gently for 15 seconds. Remove very carefully.
6- Repeat until you have reached the desired number of apple prints.
7- Let dry on a flat surface for 4 hours. Wash inside out after 72 hours according to the manufacturer’s instructions.