Family Activity Journal – Special Summer!

Published on 13 July 2022

For a refreshing change from the pool or park, @best_ofthislife suggests a bucket list of activities your little ones will always remember. 🛶 🥪

”I like to keep my summer activities simple and that’s good because I always have a ton of ideas!”

1. Picnics

Kids LOVE picnics. And they don’t have to worry about the menu! Bring winning foods and what’s lying around in the fridge: raw vegetables, Allen’s juice, macaroni salad, pre-cut fruit, these homemade blueberry muffins and reusable pouches with frozen smoothie chips (which keep my lunch cool before  eating it!).

We’re going to eat at the beach, in a field near our house, at the park or even in our own backyard!

2. 3D Chalk Paint

This painting is super fun and really easy to make. Let your creativity flow!

3. Camping in the yard

To mark the beginning of the vacations, we always set up our big tent in the yard. It’s really festive, not complicated and the kids are happy as if we went to a real camping BUT Without having to pack!

4. Frisbee

Frisbee games and activities are great ideas for you to play with the kids!

5. Nature walk

Going on a nature walk and deliberately noticing things encourages children to observe with all their senses. Children can learn to focus their attention and take in the details of things around them. It can be a peaceful, reflective experience for you and your children.

You can:

  • – walk around your local area if you live near the bush
  • – go to a local park or nature reserve
  • – plan a longer excursion to a nature reserve or beach.

7. Other ideas

Boat watching, Flying kites in a park, Spotting hot air balloons in the sky…

Have a great summer with your kids!